The Beau Facing

The Beau Facing

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All Kloffman’s Jackets are built with our exclusive technique – The Beau Facing. Named after George Brummell, the dandy and fashion leader of Regency era. The Beau Facing offers a balanced drape and naturally three dimensional effect to our jacket.

How it works

The Beau Facing consist of 2 parts: the Mid-Piece and the Piping

The Mid-Piece is an extra piece of fabric with at least of weight over than 5.3 oz per meter, and sew it in between the lining and the shell facing. This piece of mid-facing increase the strength of the lining which provide extra tensions to the facing in order to ensure the jacket naturally curve inward to the user’s body always.

The Piping have to cut to bias, and sew in between the mid-piece and the lining. its provide a greater stretch against the jacket and ensure the bottom part of jacket with beautiful drape.


The Beau Facing


Advantage with Beau Facing

  • Balance the upper part and lower part – As the upper part of jacket usually consist more layers of interlinings.
  • Better Shape when wearing – The Jacket will curve naturally inward to user’s body.
  • Avoid distortion – Ensure the jacket would always keep it shape for years.
  • Handsome Design – The combination of the Beau Facing provides joy and life to the jacket.

by kloffman