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Black Tie is the formal dress code for the ceremonial occasion, such as the wedding or formal evening event. A Black Tie Only or Black Tie Required are familiar to be seen on the invitation card nowadays. Here we will explain the Black Tie etiquette and hope this would help you to spend an exceptional evening.

The Jacket

An absolute Black color Dinner Jacket is preferred to a Black Tie Event. We prefer to use a premier black fabric which is specially weaved for formal wear to craft the dinner jacket. This premier black fabric is blacker and darker than normal black fabric for suiting.
The dinner jacket can come with either shawl or peaked lapel. Personally i prefer the shawl lapel over the peaked lapel as it looks more elegant to me, while the peaked lapel dinner jacket is showing more a bit of energetic. However, no matter shawl or peaked lapel, the materials of the lapel(facing) for the dinner jacket have to be in either satin or grosgrain silk, which is a slightly shinning fabric, and it should be used for the jet pockets on waist as well as for wrapped buttons on the jacket. The dinner jacket should also have to be no vent at the back and no pocket flaps(covers).

The Trousers

Trousers with a braid or tape of satin or silk covered the outer seams. it should be come without the belt loops. Some Black Tie trousers are equipped with the waistband buttons in case the apply of the suspender braces.

The Tie

A black silk bow tie. we highly recommend to pair a self-tie bow tie instead of a pre-tie bow tie. Because only the self-tie bow tie can delivery its nature form and drape.

The Shirt

A full cotton white dress shirt with winged collars. it has to be with concealed placket and french cuff (wearing cufflinks). To add some details, we recommend a Marcella shirt or shirt with pleated front.

The Cufflinks and Studs

Cufflinks is needed for the french cuff shirt to fasten the cuffs of the shirt, While stud may require for fasten the chest buttonhole of some Marcella or pleated front shirt, which is usually in black, white, gold or mother of pearl.

The Footwear

A patent leather shoes in black. It can be either in Oxford or Derby.


Cummerbund – A broad waistband cover made by silk.
Waistcoat – Waistcoat is an additional option for the black tie, a low cut waistcoat always look elegance to match with Dinner Jacket. (Waistcoat and Cummerbund shall not be used together)
Pocket Square – A silk white pocket square


The Black tie is a dress code for host to make the event more exceptional. However, it limited the choice of wearing. Therefore to made yourself special during the Black Tie event is one of the topic most gentlemen are concerning. so here is our tips:

  1. Cutting: A tailored fit Dinner Jacket is essential, the shoulder have to be just right, made sure the jacket looks sharp in the waist when button up. Ordinarily the tailors would make ease on the back piece in order to let you move comfortably when dancing, however, unless you are in dancing competition, or i would suggest you to remove those ease and looks sharp and smart in your standing pos.
  2. Trousers: Cut to fit trouser and do not put anything into the pockets.
  3. Lapels: This is one of the key element to make you look difference. The size and shape of the lapels determine your style. A slimmer shawl lapel and a slight wider peaked lapel is preferred in these year.
  4. Color & Materials: Although Black is still the standard, but we commonly see Mid-Night Blue, Grey, White or Velvet for your dinner jacket today.

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