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Made To Measure
The made to measure is an excellent alternative to our bespoke service. We will provide you several fitting to try on, and base on the most excellent fitting, we do minor adjustment to your requirement. The greatest advantage of the Made To Measure is you can feel and touch what you are going to get from us, and you can also “preview” how you will be looking with out suit on.
Yours suit will be done in 4 – 5 weeks.

The most personal service to offer from Kloffman. Our team for the Bespoke services involve our cutter, coat tailor and pant tailor. Our cutter will meet you in person for the consultation, and taking the measurements, you will be offer a wide range of fabrics for your suit. To ensure the fitting is perfect, it will require 1 – 2 times on fitting processes in order to refine the pattern. Then your suit will be completed by our tailors in different specialty.
The whole process from an idea to a finished garment takes around 8 weeks.