Suit Care


Suit Care


A quality bespoke/ made-to- measure suit is an investment for every gentlemen. To care your suit properly, it can last for a life time. Our advise can help your suit to be more durable.

1. Wear your suit alternately. It is important and advisable to have at least seven suits or blazers alternatives in your wardrobe that you can rotate to wear in a week. That helps the fabric of your suit can breathe after use. The same also apply on shoes and shirts.


2. Always order an extra pant for your suits. Pants are more easy to wear out, therefore, by having an extra pair of pants will let your suit have a longer life.


3. Only small and light items are suggested to put into your pockets. By putting heavy or bulky items in your suit pockets, it will ruining the form and lost the shape of your suit.

4. A quality horsehair clothes brush. Gently brush your suit straight away after wore. It helps to remove dirt and keep your suit clean and fresh.Firstly, Hang your suit on a hanger after wore and leave it unbuttoned.Secondly, gently brush your suit in a downward motion. Start from the lapels first and around the neck, then flip up the collar and brush the under collar in the same gently downward motion. After you are done, return the collar to its normal position.Thirdly, start at the seams on the shoulders and brush front and back, and then grab a sleeve and hold it up to brush down from the armpit on both left and right side.At last, brush each sleeve from the shoulder seams gently in a downward motion.

Recommended Brush – Kent Horsehair Brushkloffman_suit_care_04

5. A right size hanger. Always hang your suits properly on a thick with a broad shoulder wooden hanger, so that your suit can keep in form and the fabric can breathe after used. Moreover, make sure the storage is in well ventilation to avoid moisture and do not squeezing your suits in-between clothes in your wardrobe.

Recommended hanger – Kirby Allison’s Broad Shoulder Wooden Hanger


6. Steams iron your suit. Do not use a regular iron to iron your suit directly, as it can damage the fabric of it. If a regular iron must be use, place an extra cloth between the iron and your suit when ironing. A steamer is a better choice for suit. Steam it from time to time to keep it out of wrinkles, it can opens up the fibers and helps to remove dirt. Therefore, your suit can lasting long and look great.

Recommended  Steamer – Rowenta Compact Valet IS6200 Garment Steamer


7. Wash rarely of your suit. Most suits must be dry clean, try to clean your suits as seldom as possible. It is because strong chemicals used in dry cleaning wears hard on fabric and shorten the lifespan of your suit. Try a spot clean first instead of cleaning the whole jacket is recommended if dirt must be remove immediately; go to the professional cleaner when dirt cannot be removed. Normally, once every six months should be enough.


8. A good travelling suit bag for your suit. A quality ones are allows your suit breathe during your journeys.
Recommend Traveling Suit Bag – Filson.


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